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Monday's game (Magic vs Spurs) would not have been written by marvel comics because Superman lost. But this was no ordinary loss. The Magic need not walk away with heads held low; for Monday, we saw one of the best games of the season. Two heavyweights going at it for four quarters. It was the type of game that kept you on the edge of your seat. If you got up to get a drink, by the time you got back, you missed two lead changes, a three pointer and one turnover. No folks, you sat down and watched because you had no choice. Manu was Manu. Eventually wrecking havoc on both sides of the court. SA's favorite Argentinian got off to a slow start offensively but was an irritating force on the other side of the ball. The Magic had no answer for Manu and once he found his shot, the Magic would be fighting a losing battle. No matter how Manu starts, in the end, you want him to have the ball; and he came through in true Ginobili fashion. Three for seven from the ark, but those three were big. Two helped seal the deal including one for a four point play. Now, tell me what train can you take to a Spurs game? I know, kinda lame, The Red Rocket!!! But seriously, when will the NBA notice this guy? Hopefully never. They leave him open, game after game. He is a force to be reckoned with at the ark. I have said it before and I will say it again; I think he is the most versitle player the Spurs have. Now, I love Blair as well as THE BIG THREE but Blair can't do what Bonner can. Bonner can guard the big in the paint, GET THE REBOUND and shoot, short as well as the long ball. The only guy I can think of, that is as versatile, is Dirk Nowitski. But last Monday night was trey time. Bonner wasn't the spark this time. Mr. Parker, who knew? Now we have seen him shoot for an occasional three but if he makes this a habit, he will be unguardable. Once the Spurs calmed down it was game time. McDyess, showed off just how strong he is. He allowed Tim to sit without Pop sacrificing points or Defense. RJ, Hill, Neal, these guys are clicking. Usually it isn't until after the All-Star break that we see play like this, especially off of the bench. Guys are walking on cold and making huge contributions. Everyone knows their roll. The Black and Silver showed up unlike the experts said they would. After the best start in franchise history, Spurs fans can't help but be excited.

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  1. That was one of those games you remember later in the season, great game.