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Reasons to be excited.

Spurs fans unite. We are on a roll. De ja vu: Look at what we have to work with this year. We have the good ole boys, the big three but now, that is not all. How many people, me included, thought we were a loaded team last year? RJ started flat and didn't get much better. Roger Mason Jr. wasn't consistent offensively and didn't cut it defensively. That, compounded with lack luster performances and injuries made the Good Guys fall well short of expectations. With the deepest Spurs team I have seen in a very long time there are reasons to be excited.
This year we have started stronger, although this is going to be a very important time for the Spurs. Last year the Spurs got behind and had a hard time catching back up. Now, in years past, a team could do that and get away with it, but the sport has changed. If you don't have fifty plus wins at the end of the year, you are all but done. If you can't score one hundred plus points each game, you will have a hard time keeping up.
The Spurs have always been a "defend first; score second" team. That is beginning to change. I hate the change in philosophy, although it is necessary. Pop is still a defense minded coach but more stress is getting put on the scoring. In years past, we always heard "do defense and the offense will come". Now the Spurs are loading up to make sure that happens. The good thing is the rest of the team is making sure the newbies know if they want playing time, they must defend. The black and silver have been able to keep up (and most often) dominate this year, but up until Sunday they had not played with the big dogs. Sunday was a good test for TD and company. Finishing 50-32 last year the OK City Thunder lead by Kevin Durant can score. Being a young team, they can move. They can run up a score and get hot quick. This was good exercise for team defense. Scoring is important but we can't abandon the defense. Also, we need to keep turnovers to a minimum. They will always hurt you, but against a young talented team like OK, turnovers will bite you in the a**. Although, young is the key word. The Spurs have seen and done it all. They took care of the little things and put yet another mark in the "W" column. We have some truly heavy hitters coming up on the schedule. The Spurs will, and need, to only get stronger.
Without guys like Anderson (stress fracture out for about one month) the rest of the team has to do their job. Now this is the cool part. How often does a rookie go out this early in the season, and truly make an impact? Now if you are talking about a Lebron, Duncan or some other franchise name then yes, it hurts. But Anderson, Neal, Splitter; in a months, time have integrated into a valued part of the team. It is awesome to have a fresh face, much less three, that makes that much of a difference. The fact that he is out of service for a little while just makes you appreciate him all the more. Now I threw RJ under the bus earlier for a less than adequate performance last year; but the hard work of Pop and many others, much smarter than I, have made lemonade out of lemons. Richard Jefferson just did not understand the offense. Now he knows, understands and even makes the offense better. He is taking shots that last year he easily would have passed up. Now he goes straight to the paint when previously he would have had to stop and read the defense. He defends and can take off for the fast break. Now we have the BIG FOUR!


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