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The holiday season is all about watching as much sports as possible and eating so much food you start wearing sweat pants because you can’t quite button your real pants. Now that the feasting is over, the gifts exchanged, and the College Bowl Season nearly complete, it is time to clean up the mess. It’s New Year’s resolution time. In one foul swoop, humanity will try to commit itself to every extreme concoction they can come up with. In just a matter of days diet plan, self help book, and gym membership sales will go through the roof as each one of us tries in some mindless way to make ourselves better than we were this past year. While we have indulged over the past months our hometown heroes have done a little indulging themselves. The Spurs have gone 9-2 after passing through the fire and losing three straight to Denver, Utah, and Boston. While a feast of proportion it is, it seems to be nothing more than an appetizer when you consider the 9 wins are against sub .500 teams, and the two losses against above .500 teams. While the wins are great, they simply wet the pallet and leave you wanting more. What must our team do to devour the main course and move on to desert?

Duncan has been the one constant on this team since the season began. Tim has averaged nearly a double-double in December with 20 points and just shy of 10 rebounds per game. When you look at the difference in the wins and losses, the two key players with major statistical anomalies are Manu and Jefferson. In the wins the load is spread evenly amongst the Fantastic 4 for the Spurs.

Spurs Winning Stats

When looking at the losses look at two things; Manu and Richard’s stats and Tim’s minutes

Spurs Losing Stats

Manu and Richard average over 30 points combined in the wins, but in the losses they are only averaging 20. The lack of production from these two, forces Pop to leave Tim in for severely long periods of time, increasing his playing time from 29 minutes in the wins, to 36 in the losses. That is an extra 574 minutes he would play over the course of 82 games. That would be like adding 13 games to the schedule on Tim’s 32 year-old body, the Spurs brought Jefferson in for that very reason. If RJ plays like he did yesterday, throwing down monster jams and punishing teams from the outside, Tim can take a little siesta every once in a while. It is time for RJ and Manu to step up and play ball. Those two make a dynamic duo, as we have seen over the last few games. They have to step up against the big teams, when it really matters.

The Spurs started the season the talk of the town, but since have fallen to the wayside and slipped below teams like the much maligned Mavericks and the injury riddled Rockets on most power rankings. Rockets coach Rick Adelman even said the Mavericks are the deepest team in the Conference. Time is rapidly running out for the Spurs to get it together. January will be a tough month for the Spurs playing 16 games against 9 +.500 teams including the Lakers, Atlanta, and the apparently invincible Jazz. Week after week we hear about team chemistry, and all the new players that need to get adjusted to the system. Try telling that to the Championship Lakers when Kobe generously includes us in another dunk-a-thon highlight reel. My New Year’s resolution for the Spurs is to stop making excuses.

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  1. Mr. Jeromy,

    I must say that I enjoy reading your blog tremendously. I find your writing to be funny and yet compelling at the same time. In my opinion, I would say that you have a gift for writing about sports and I hope to see this endeavor grow. Your points are well thought out. Keep up the good work.



    GO SPURS!!!