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Who needs Nostradumus, we have Sean Elliott!!!!

Will the Spurs get it done tonight? "I guarantee it!" said Sean Elliott when asked before the televised game tonight. What do we have to learn from a 106-84 drubbing of the hapless Wizards coming from a loss to the OKC Thunder the night before? Either the OKC team is for real or we caught the Wizards with not much to give coming from a back to back? Could it be that pride won this game tonight? I don't know but having the quarterback back in the fold didn't hurt. Parker's 17/8 (pts./asst) made an impact early in the ball game and the great passing didn't end there Duncan also had himself 8 assists against a flat defense all night coming from the Wizards. This wasn't the salvation game I personally needed to ease my early slump blues. The score is deceiving because for all intent and purposes this game was done early. The Wizards flat out never came to play and the role players feasted on the lazy defense being done by Washington. In fact, the only Wizard that came to play was former Spur Fab Oberto. He had himself a decent game and probably had this game circled on his calendar for weeks unlike his teammates. A blow out like this doesn't define where we are as opposed to a tight game where you see if the pieces in Bogans, Jefferson, McDyess, Theo Ratliff are fitting. It was nice to see Ratliff dial the clock back and block 3 shots to lead the team in limited minutes, but that's just it, we get glimpses and brief snapshots of what we may or may not expect from them in a key match up or a marquee that is looming with Boston only a couple of weeks away and honestly, we have our work cut out for us to put it lightly. In the past, we were a decent team that shot 3 pointers but this team seems to be more finesse and relying on that shot and when it's on that's great like tonight where we got nearly 48% but we used to muscle in shots and slash a little more in the lane. I'm hoping that with a healthy Parker slashing in the paint and Ginobili doing the same we can return to that balance because these role players seem content with living and dying outside that downtown stripe and that for me is scary as a heart attack. Putting that much emphasis instead of relying on the pick and roll to give you those looks makes these role players predictable. Bogans mainly adds that dimension but we already got a guy in Matt Bonner, Roger Mason and Finley that were filling that role. I thought that with Jefferson we were going to return to the twin tower set up that made the paint a scary place to go against the Spurs but Jefferson also seems content to dialing long distance and again good if its on but I want to see what I did in the first match against the Mavs this year where he got angry and created his own shot especially in the face of Nowitzki. Blow outs like tonight still leave me with more questions than I had before the game began. I feel like Sean Elliott has channeled his inner Spur psyche a la Nostradumus because I couldn't see a blow out before the game but he sure did.

by: Rey Andrade-Garza


  1. I understand what you're saying, but why would you think RJ was bringing back the twin tower set. He's a small forward, not a power forward, not a center; a SMALL forward. We won't see the return of twin towers until we have two dominant, 7 footers in the paint. With Timmy aging I don't see that happening.

  2. You are right, but Jefferson plays small forward but could easily move over to power forward. He has the frame, 6'7". I mean we have DaJuan Blair playing power forward and he is listed at 6'7'. I don't see the difference or why it couldn't be done. The team is has Matt Bonner playing Center at 6'10" and Tim Duncan who is 7'0" at power forward. I think that if they switched Jefferson to power forward, Duncan at center and rotated Blair at small forward and Bonner coming in for both Jefferson and Duncan it would give a bigger front line. It's just a thought.