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Who could have guessed?

Ok folks, I know some of you have been thirsty for offense. I hope your thirst was quenched yesterday. I said a while back that if one of the big three went down we (spurs fans) could feel comfortable knowing there were people this year in place that could step up. Not even I had any idea, this could happen. An offensive showcase. An ABC’s of basketball shooting. From coast to coast to lay-ups to threes and everything in between, and that’s just Manu! The entire team was hot. The Red Rocket shooting threes and slamming the dunk like I haven’t seen from a Spur in all too long. Mr. Jefferson, my my my…what can’t you do? And once again, I know I say it every time, but I’m saying it again; the BEAST is BACK! Blair my man, you shot the short jumper, tipped in the easy two, blocked shots and rebounded like a crazy man. At the half the Spurs were up in offensive rebounds eleven to two. But Dejuan doesn’t get all the credit. George Hill with those long arms snatched balls out of the air when a Raptor was sure it was all his. Jefferson ended the game with eight rebounds. Everyone contributed, and with your two leading scorers out, that was the only way it was going to happen. This made the Spurs a more balanced OFFENSIVE team. Guys who might have stepped back and been timid, knew they had to step up. But let’s not lose sight of the truth here. The truth comes in two parts. First, if Manu doesn’t score thirty-six points, with or without this fantastic teamwork, the Spurs lose. Second, if Toronto is a stronger defensive team, it would have been a tad harder to pull off because the Spurs defense needs work. I’m not saying it wasn’t there. There were guys blocking shots and swiping at balls but Toronto got too many easy shots and without Tim there it was much easier to get in the paint. Although, I believe that, with time, Antonio McDyess will change that. To look back to the positive though, ball movement and the guys’ ability to move without the ball was phenomenal. Everyone shared the ball, moved the ball and shot the ball. Guys who had not seemed to mesh yet, were making the bounce pass for an easy assist. Yep, all we needed to do was bench Tim and TP. Who could have guessed?


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