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"To Live and Die in S.A.!"

Actor William Dafoe, a master counterfeiter in an epic movie entitled "To Live and Die in L.A." is being sought by two secret service agents working for the Treasury Department assigned to the case; where one of them likes to take chances and the other is near retirement. In pursuit of Dafoe, they end up on a wild chase where they break the law, all the while gunning and running through the streets of L.A. Tonight, the Spurs Matt Bonner and veteran Tim Duncan were the agents in pursuit to contain Brandon Jennings from running and gunning through the fast lanes of the AT&T Center in San Antonio tonight. With Bonner taking chances dialing shots from E. Houston Street going 6-8 from the 3 pt line, and old school Duncan who showed his knees were holding up while he chipped in a team high 24 points. All the while, new NBA poster child Brandon Jennings came ready to pounce coming from a Bucks team that had won 6 out of their last 7 games. If Jennings was thinking about making a highlight reel tonight he was sadly outplayed by another guard tonight, George Hill (14pts). He had the shot of the night coming at the end of third quarter with a shot that inflated any hopes of a comeback by the Bucks. Even with Milwaukee shooting 49% of their shots, the Spurs poured in 112 points to counter even with Tony Parker only putting in 6 pts. He didn't have to do much as the reserves got the job done. Tonight the slow starting Spurs returned to .500 ball at 6-6 and in 9th place with OKC Thunder just above us at 7-7, but who cares right? The team is flying high thanks to living and dying from the 3 pt stripe at 10 shots made and close to a 50% accuracy. With 4 of the next 5 games coming at home and a huge test coming at the end of this home stand. Boston and Denver will put up more points than Washington and Milwaukee did so the Spurs will need to learn how to put a stop to teams putting up near 50% of their shots. The Spurs are riding the momentum of a happy shooting team and in this time of thanksgiving I'm will be ecstatic if Manu Ginobili makes an appearance soon. I feel that Houston, Golden State and Philadelphia are winnable games that could potentially give the team a false sense of reassurance. On the flip side I am dying to see what this team is made of and no better way to find out than to face formidable teams at the end of this home stretch. I love the fact that this team has found their shot again but I still don't see enough 24 shot clock violations on opposing teams or the shut down defense I have grown accustomed to on Spurs teams from the past. No offense but shutting down Jennings to 12 points tonight is one thing, but he is a rookie and he looked like one tonight! Try shutting done the 4 headed monster of Boston or Melo who is on the early list for MVP. This is a tall order for any team let alone this team. The only saving grace is that this team can grow together through this stretch or die trying.

By Rey Andrade-Garza

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