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Guts? Check, Heart?, still no pulse!

After two heartbreaking losses against the Mavericks in OT and late breakdown at home against the Jazz finding the pulse on this team is about as easy as finding it on a corpse. With no road victories, an injury bug more severe than the H1N1, role players, no scratch that, new role players in a foreign system and early season slump, many are jumping ship. Not me, not yet! Yes, Jefferson has been playing great one game and subpar the next. It reminds of me Willie Anderson and Vinny Del Negro phenomenal one minute but not nearly clutch. You might argue that its early in the season and Jefferson hasn't found his killer instincts but I think this is exactly what he was brought in to do. I am not screaming for Tiago Splitter yet but I am in a nervous state like I would be with a new date. This is a new team with some familar faces but this team hasn't proven themselves yet. The pieces are still coming together. McDyess straight up on Nowitzki, the ball in George Hill's hand with the game in the balance against the Jazz, Bogans in a pivotal part of the game? What is this? Dajuan Blair started as a monster but has faded as of late and expecting to be a power forward with the size of small forward is dicey to me! Duncan can't continue to be isolated one one one with the other team's best defender, this isn't Duncan 2007! Duncan needs to be moved in screens and fed the ball deep in the interior or kicking back to shooters on the field: Bonner, Mason, Finley and possibly Bogans but where is the accountability? These shooters are not in the wings for kickbacks. The only part of this team's pulse that is evident is their frustration pulse has been tapped by nervous Spurs fans. I will not blame the fact that Parker and Ginobili are out because that would be too easy to do. No, the NEW role players, need to be consistent and not just show guts, but heart when it comes to putting the peddle down!


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