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Bang the boards!!!!

Don’t be a follower. Make your own decisions. If you turn on any of the networks you will hear talk of how old the Spurs are. You will hear how they are the oldest team in the league. But I don’t see where that is an issue, at least not yet. It was early in the first quarter and they all looked terrible. Not just the old fogies now, but I’m saying all of them. I got excited when George Hill came off the bench to face off Williams. Williams is one of the stronger point guards in the league. Although, with those long arms, Hill can re-route just about anyone. Well, not last night, folks. Even with four days off. You can’t blame that on being old, not when your 2nd year guys aren’t even showing up. Normally I would blame the coach, but anyone with a brain in their head knows Pop doesn’t coach like that. So what is it then? Well I try not to let others make up my mind for me. I heard those geniuses (Doug Collins and company) speaking of how Ginobili isn’t in basketball shape. WHAT? Basketball shape? Wait a minute, now granted he has missed a few free throws already this year , which for me is the bigger problem, but basketball shape? Okay, I’m going to my happy place. Ah, okay, I’m better. Look, Ginobili is probably in better shape, to start this year, than he has been in many years. No sir, in a word it is hustle. Boozer tied up Tim for a couple jump balls not by being younger, but just by wanting it more. I, for one, was happy to see Tim win a jump ball finally. Tim is the lone big guy. Last year the team shifted slowly toward the end of the season. It went from am offense needing Tim to touch the ball to an offense where Tim plays a supporting role. Tim must step up bigger than ever. Right now he is the lone big guy in the paint. Hopefully someone else steps up to give our big guy a reprieve. Antonio McDyess and Theo Ratliff would be possibilities. If you get another big man you will also benefit from more, go ahead….say it…that’s right…Rebounds. You got it!!!!! How many second chance points did Boozer get last night? Nevermind, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. Along with needing to defend better, rebound more and being more consistent shooting, they look fine. Hey, remember that this is only the beginning. We have a long season to go. There really is no reason to panic, yet. Now lets see how they do against Portland.


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