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Bald is Beautiful!

Well folks, bald is beautiful. The second shot in the game was a bald guy sinking a three from the corner. Yeah, I know, I thought he was gone too. Turns out he is; it was a different bald buy who also happens to be a great defender and shoots a great long ball. Mr. Jefferson you certainly showed up, sir. Not only can this man shoot and defend but as #9 would say, "he can run the court, too". Ever since Manu went to the bench, Tony has been all alone on the fast break. He may shoot like Bruce and run like Tony, but he creates a three-point play like our sixth man of the year. Going to the bucket, sinking a crazy lay-up and getting a foul to boot was very Manu-esc. Mr. Jefferson, I don’t think you’re going to have a problem fitting in. You have Tony running up the court smiling and tossing you the ball like he is in love all over again. (Eva look out). You also have Manu tossing the ball up to you for an allioop. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Now you know you have arrived. Richard Jefferson ends the first half the same way he started it, in the corner for a three.
Now, believe me, there was more going on besides Richard Jefferson, a lot more, but I had to touch on the impact he is having. We did get to see some of the guys near and dear to us show up.
We had Tony to Tim for the most aggressive finger-tip lay-up a seven footer could dish out. (Why won’t he jam that ball down the defender’s throat?) Tony picked Beno Udrih’s pocket, ah the memories. And we had Tim jump up to slap down a Sacramento last ditch effort to get some more points before the first half ended.
Guess how the second half begins. No fair, you saw. That’s right Mr. Jefferson again with a three. Not wanting to feel left out Roger Mason Jr. and George Hill team up for a couple of threes. It’s all too easy to get sloppy with a twenty-point lead, and sloppy they were. Both young and old alike were getting undressed in the paint. Kevin Harris went into the paint one time and came out with two points and a free throw. And imagine he still had time to tie all five Spurs players’ shoes together. Yep they got sloppy. Ah, but no matter how many Bentleys you own, you are never too rich or too old for Pop to whip your ass, and whip he did. Whatever he said worked. They straightened up enough to push that lead to just under thirty and you only saw scrubs from then on.


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